Hi, I’m Al Newkirk

Your Infrastructure Management Expert

Helping technology professionals and organizations achieve operational efficiency — understand and implement emerging technologies, scale their Internet operations, and guarantee high-availability to their end-users — by managing and automating their cloud infrastructure.

I love helping software development teams reach their operational goals. I take pride in delivering bespoke solutions according to the unique needs and requirements of my clients, enabling them to focus on delivering value to their end-users, continuously. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, Let’s talk!


As a business owner, it’s important to stay focused on maximizing your bottom line. Identifying and organizing operational resources is paramount, and it is the first step towards building a healthy and sustainable Internet operations platform.


Communication is at the heart of every business, connecting your entire organization, and it has a huge impact on culture and productivity. A great culture is one which has open communication, sharing, and transparency as its core values.


Reduce risk, provide a consistent user experience, and increase predictability with automation. Use continuous integration and delivery to enable software development teams to concentrate on creating innovative software applications.